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Extend Your Marketing Dollars with SignStream’s Versatile QR Codes

First, a bit of history. The first QR code system was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company known as Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. However, QR codes were not introduced to the mainstream public until 2010. Fast forward 12 years later, and QR codes are being used strategically in Super Bowl commercials. Coinbase’s controversial (and confusing) QR code commercial has been all over the news, social media and winning awards in the ad and marketing community. Ultimately, the commercial was so popular the Coinbase app crashed due to the sudden influx of website visitors. Over 20 million people scanned the QR code to visit the company’s website within a single minute.

This is the power of the QR code. It is instantaneous and incredibly effective when it comes to promoting interaction and engagement through the mobile phone.

Credit: Illustration by Ad Age

Don't be the Where's Waldo of the Internet

If your customers are online and notice an interesting ad, they tap or click to see more. But if they’re on the go when they come across your SignStream content, what’s their next step?

The chances of someone pulling out their phone and snapping a picture of your advertisement are slim. The chances of someone pulling out a notepad and pen to write down your website URL or phone number are highly unlikely.

As a society, we have prioritized accessing and storing information in an efficient and timely way. People usually do not have the time or the attention span to go out of their way to find you. That information should be readily available to them so they can easily access your website and/or social media.

Here’s an easy way for your customers to find you: add a custom QR code to your SignStream ad and viewers get instant access to your website and promotions.

Combining QR codes with SignStream is a simple and effective way to drive consumers through your funnel to marketing success. Not only that, your QR code has inspired someone to take action and engage with your message.

QR Codes Are a Simple Way to Engage Your Audience

Your ad has caught their eye — that’s awesome! But what’s the next step, the immediately-available, in-the-moment call to action?

A QR code prompts your customers to simply raise their phone, scan, and learn more about your business or promotion.

The process to add a QR code is simple. In just minutes, your ad is optimized for customer engagement. Then viewers simply use their phone to scan the code and continue engaging.

Here are the steps to add a QR code to your SignStream content:

Once Logged in to your SignStream dashboard

  1. Find the content you want to add a QR code to, and click the magnifying glass

  2. In the image details section, click the “Display QR code” check box

  3. Paste the URL you want your viewers to visit; click Save and…

  4. Go live!

Creative QR Codes are easy to add to your on-site TV screens

With an easy-to-scan QR code, potential customers can quickly discover your website or social channel. No searching, memorizing, or note-taking required.

But your code doesn’t have to just lead them to your website or social site’s home page. Optimize your ad for big results!

Here are a few creative ways to use QR codes in your next SignStream campaign.

  • Collect potential customers’ emails by linking your code to a giveaway

  • Give your sales a boost with a virtual coupon exclusive to your QR code

  • Share the details of a special event with a simple scan (Bonus — this makes it easy for the viewer to save the event on their phone’s calendar)

  • Get quick feedback on your customers’ or clients’ experiences by linking your code to a survey

  • Deliver valuable downloads direct to your customers’ phones (ebooks or instructions are great ideas!)

  • Keep your class schedules top of mind and easy to view with a scannable code

  • Notify your customers of new, limited-time sales without ordering single-use in-store displays

  • Encourage clients to easily book their next appointments before ever leaving your office

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with SignStream’s QR Codes

QR codes are a quick, easy way to boost customer engagement, make new sales, and collect more data. SignStream even automatically reports back to you how often your codes are scanned, giving you even more insight into your marketing campaigns.

Have you discovered a few new ideas for your SignStream ads? Let’s put them to work! Just follow the simple steps above and you can add QR codes to your campaigns today.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you make the most of your marketing dollars.

Keep it simple and effective with SignStream!

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